Hi! We are WOW

Our mission is to create a platform where creators are at the center and give them excellent service. We believe that they have to dedicate themselves to creating and we to manufacturing, distributing and serving their fans.

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Our goal in 2022 is to create a platform that manages to combine three types of art: traditional "physical" art (HQ Poster, Cotton Canvas, Metal Poster and Methacrylate), 3D Art so that sculptors, jewelry designers, toy creators can sell his works and also digital art through the creation of NFTs created by digital artists.

All in one platform... WOW.fan

wow materials hq poster canvas cotton metal poster methacrylate

We are a startup born from a company with more than 60 years of history in the Graphic Arts industry, Grupo Panorama. Our great experience joins a process of digital transformation resulting in the highest quality standards in materials and manufacturing.

WOW, by Creators for fans

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WOW.FAN is a platform for illustrators, photographers, digital artists and art lovers.

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