The birth of WOW

The birth of WOW

Throughout this time we have talked about different topics and explained the way we work, but… we have never talked about how it all started. is a project that took a long time, both in terms of ideation, identity creation, creation of a corporate image for social networks, and above all the importance of giving both the artist and the buyer a good experience to both the artist and the buyer, trying to include the best commissions for creators.

Our company resides within a large printing company in Madrid, specifically in Grupo Panorama. We are a small company made up of young people with great expectations and a desire to work with a vision of the future and innovation.

Taking advantage of the tools that we had in the company for the creation of decorative elements for the home, such as canvases, dibond or methacrylate, we wanted to create a new project to maximize it.


In our company we have a design team where the vast majority have an artistic career parallel to the work of our company, that is why we decided to use all our production tools to help artists dedicate more time to their work and creativity.


All the decisions we make will always be taking into account the interests of the artists and to promote their works.

In this way, you creators will only have to worry about creating and we will do the rest, we will produce your works and send them to clients all over the world.

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