Batman day

Batman day

We all know Batman’s story… A family outing to the cinema ended in tragedy for young Bruce Wayne. Walking homeward, Bruce, his father Thomas, and mother, Martha, accidentally ventured into Gotham City's notorious "Crime Alley" and were accosted by a mugger. Not content merely to rob the wealthy family, the hoodlum - whose identity was "never determined" - shot Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne dead before fleeing into the darkness. As he knelt beside his parent's bodies, Bruce swore to avenge them. After the police arrived, Bruce was comforted by Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Dr. Thompkins and Alfred Pennyworth helped arrange matters so that Gotham's Social Services would not take Bruce into care. In this way, both Dr. Thompkins and Alfred enabled Bruce to realize his dream of becoming a crusader against crime. 

Batman’s character has had a huge influence in pop culture. Not only on the obvious matters like other comics and movies, but also on our day to day, we can wear Batman’s suit to a dress-up party or wear a t-shirt with the Bat logo everywhere, have a painting of him hung up on the wall… There’s also a lot of references to the Bat Light in different movies and contexts, ranging from serious to memes. Also, other characters from this franchise -such as The Joker, Harley Quinn, Black Cat- have made it into the History of comics and action movies. 

On September 17th we celebrate Batman Day to remember the character’s adventures and the impact it has had on modern day comics and super-hero-like movies. To celebrate it with us, our artists have created some Batman inspired artworks that you can get through the links below: 

Batman new art by @Comic41

Ink shadow by @ddjvigo

Bat face by @donluisjimenez

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